What exactly is the ENHANZZ VIP Rewards Program?

The ENHANZZ VIP Rewards Program is a fascinating points program that makes it possible for you to receive free exclusive and luxurious ENHANZZ products, and also to recommend this skincare range to your friends and interested parties.

How can you save money and receive free ENHANZZ products?

You will receive valuable ENHANZZ VIP points for each product / order, which you can use in the ENHANZZ shop. You can see the amount of VIP points you receive when you buy a product in your shopping cart. You can then redeem these for the next order for ENHANZZ products of your choice. The number of VIP points required to purchase a product free of charge are listed below the product prices in the shop.

Advertise new customers and get additional VIP points.
Here’s how easy it is:
1. Log in to your ENHANZZ account.
2. Copy your shop link from the header above and share it or use one of the two «Buttons» in the header for sharing directly via WhatsApp or email.

You get as much VIP points with every purchase of a customer you refer:
Order volume between You earned VIP Points
0 - 49 1 VIP Point
50 - 99 2 VIP Points
100 - 149 3 VIP Points
150 - 199 4 VIP Points
200 - 299 5 VIP Points
300 - 399 6 VIP Points
400 - 599 8 VIP Points
600+ 10 VIP Points

In doing so, do I have additional work, or can I merely take advantage of the benefits?

You only take advantage of the benefits. We will take over the punctual delivery to your referral customers, the entire accounting process, the first-class customer care and service. It couldn’t be any simpler, and your friends and interested parties will be thrilled.

Further information about the Terms & Conditions of the VIP Program are at the bottom of this page or in the Terms & Conditions

Conditions for the ENHANZZ VIP Program
  • You always need the entire amount of points required for a certain product (x Quantity) in order to receive this product free of charge.
  • You will bear the shipping costs (shipping and handling).
  • If an order gets cancelled and you have already received VIP Points for this order, we reserve the right to reduce the points amount of your account and keep you accountable for any circumstances that could occur with this chargeback (e.x. not enough VIP Points balance)
  • No cash can be paid out for VIP points, and the invoice amount can be reduced.
  • ENHANZZ VIP points will expire as soon as your account gets into inactivity state.
  • For further information & more detailed explanation see our Terms & Conditions.